Cosmetic body surgery is a set of surgical procedures to restore and aesthetically improve every part of the body damaged by particular defects. Imperfections of all kinds are eliminated thanks to highly specialized and specific methodologies according to the area to be treated.

Defects in the morphological development of the individual are corrected, eliminates imperfections due to aging and restores the contours and global forms of the body.


Breast surgery is a procedure that aims to restore proper anatomical functioning and to give a harmonious aesthetic appearance. Surgery is performed mainly under general anesthesia.

In general, the patient who decides to undergo a breast reconstructive surgery will enjoy a full improvement of their external image, with a greater increase in general well-being, both physically and mentally.


Cosmetic Facial Surgery intervenes on any physical defect present in the face. It is used to correct any aesthetic malformation in the eyes, forehead, ears, nose, chin and lips. The specialist surgeon performs a series of specialized interventions for each area to be treated.

Facial surgery includes a series of different treatments with the main objective of: giving the face a more youthful appearance, reshaping the nose, reshaping the chin and finally making the overall profile of the face more harmonious.